Have you lost your money online? Are you being cyber bullied? Are you a victim of a cyber fraud? You need to act fast and report the crime. Though complex crimes may require a more detailed reporting, here are FIVE simple ways in which you can report a cybercrime:

  1. Go to the nearest police station and register a complaint. Give all supporting evidence such as screenshots/ account details /whatsapp communications, etc.
  2. You can report any type of cybercrime by dialling the national helpline number “155260” between 9 AM – 6 PM.
  3. If you are a resident of Maharashtra, you can contact the police using any of the following details-


Nodal Cyber Cell Officer
Name- Shri. Vineet Agarwal
Rank- AGDP
Email ID- sp.cbr-mah@gov.inhttps://cybercrime.gov.in/Webform/Crime_NodalGrivanceList.aspx

Grievance Officer
Landline Number- 022-22160080
Email ID- ig.cbr-mah@gov.in

WhatsApp / Call these numbers- 7058719375/ 7058719371
Pune City Police Women Helpline- 1091

Cyber Police Station, Pune City
Landline Number- 020-29710097
Email ID- crimecyber.pune@nic.in
Address- Near Police Headquarter, police ground, Shivajinagar, Pune City- 411005

Pimpri- Chinchwad Cyber Cell
Landline Number- 020-27350939
Email ID- cybercell.pcmc-mh@mahapolice.gov.in
Address- Premlok Park, behind SKF Company, Chinchwad

Pune Rural (Gramin) Cyber Cell
Landline Number- 020-25654616
Email ID- cybercell.pnr@mahapolice.gov.in
Address- Pashan Road, Near Rural SP Office, Pune

24*7 Helpline Number – 9820810007
Landline Number – 022-26504008
Email ID- cyberpst-mum@mahapolice.gov.in
Address – Cyber Police Station, Crime Branch, C.I.D Mumbai, 1st Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Police Station, B.K.C, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051.

  • You can also report a cybercrime on the National Cybercrime portal i.e. www.cybercrime.gov.in by following these steps-
  • On the home page of National Cybercrime portal, click on ‘File a complaint’
  • Select category of crime
  • Login
  • Select category, then subcategory of your complaint
  • Provide the date, time and place at which the incident occurred
  • Upload supporting evidence, which can include a credit card receipt, bank statement, online money transfer receipt, copy of an e-mail, URL of a web page, chat transcripts, videos and images, etc.
  • Enter the suspect’s details.
  • Confirm and submit the complaint.
  • You can also track the status of your complaint.

For a detailed step by step guide on how to file a cybercrime complaint online, you can refer to the citizen’s manual linked below-


  • You can report the crime on the site on which the incident took place like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. They allow users to report offensive content as per their community guidelines

Reporting the crime early is important as the Police authorities or the Court will be in a position to take urgent steps such as putting a debit freeze on the accounts in which the money was fraudulently transferred or to issue take down orders for offensive or obscene content.

If you are the victim of a cybercrime, don’t panic. Report it as quickly as you can to the right authorities including the service providers such as banks, credit card companies, mobile network companies, or social media platforms for urgent action. Take legal advice in case the nature of the crime is complex or the amount of loss is substantial and recurring.

Find below a simple form for reporting a case. Please note that this is just a guideline and is not a legally binding document.

Date : ____________


Police Inspector In-charge
Cyber Crime Poilce Station


Subject : Unauthorised withdrawal from Bank account / Credit Card / Paytm / Gpay/ …
: Cyber Bullying / Identity Theft / Cheating / ……

Sir ,

  1. Details of the Complainant :
    1. Name of Complainant
    2. Address:
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Email address:
  2. Details of the account from which the amount was withdrawn :
    1. Account Number / Credit Card Number / Gpay no / Paytm no
    2. Name of Bank
    3. Branch
    4. Address
    5. Details of the amounts withdrawn


Details of the crime ( Cyber Bullying )

  • Brief facts of the case / narration of events
  • List of Supporting Evidence / Documents
  • <If you have  blocked your card / bank account / sim card –  give details and attach correspondence >
  • <If  you have filed a complaint with your bank – give details and attach correspondence>
  • Details of the Accused : Unknown person(s)

The amounts have been transferred without my permission , consent or knowledge and I am a victim of hacking / identity theft / cyber fraud and cheating . You  are requested to urgently debit freeze the amounts transferred in the accounts of the fraudsters and further investigate and proceed against the accused in accordance with law


I am a victim of cryber fraud and urgent action such as blocking / take down is required to be inititaited . You are also requested to further investigate and proceed against the accused in accordance with law. I assure all co-operation

Thanking You

<Signature of the Complainant >

Name of the Complainant