The terms of employment are embodied not only in the appointment letter and Employment Agreements but also in Company policies such as HR Manual, code of conduct, Ethics Policy, Privacy Policy and guidelines. IP and Data protection and non-disclosure agreements are also crucial with a view to protect confidential and proprietary information. Each one of these documents are binding in nature and must be drafted with reference to the applicable laws and by taking into consideration certain important features such as work-for-hire, confidentiality, non-compete etc. Boilerplate templates are generic in nature and may not cover essential clauses applicable to a specific industry and also may not consider the applicable statutory regulations thereby running the risk of being vague and incomplete and may not stand the test in a court-of-law in the event of any dispute between the employer and the employee

In addition to having appropriate documentation, Employers must also ensure that these policies and guidelines do not merely remain on paper but the employees are fully aware of its contents and that can be achieved by conducting proper and effective training programs and assessments.

Employment Law also provides for the rules around termination and disciplinary inquiries in case of misconduct and timely advise from Employment lawyers for show cause notices, suspension procedures , inquiry procedures and reasoned orders of termination is recommended to avoid any counter allegations of unfair practices in inquiry proceedings


  • Drafting of Employment Agreements , NDAs IPR protection Agreements
  • Drafting of non -compete Agreements , Employment Bonds
  • Advisory on enforceability of non -compete clauses , Employment Bonds, NDA, ETC
  • Review of Third party services contract

POSH Services

Litigation support for cases of -

  • Employer obligation on Data Protection - Compliance with DPDP Act
  • Review / Drafting of Code of Conduct Policy, HR Manual, Acceptable Computer / IT Infra usage, Social media usage policy , etc
  • Employment Agreements and related documents.


We provide litigation support for employer- employee disputes

Our services have been retained by several companies on an annual retainer-ship arrangement for giving services relating to Employment Law