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We specialize in creating awareness on protection against Sexual Harassment at workplace ( POSH ) with clients spread across India. We provide end-to-end POSH compliance services which include retainer-ship services, External member support to ICC and various types of trainings and capacity building programs. We empower our clients with a nuanced understanding of the subject so as to enable them to take fair, unbiased and mature decisions on sensitive and complex issues relating to human interactions and relationships.

We have been providing these services since 2013 as per The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and as per Vishakha Guidelines prior to that.

We have conducted over 100 inquiries and conducted trainings for more than 10000 pax approximately

Adv Vaishali Bhagwat is a master trainer in POSH


Drafting and vetting of Policies
  • POSH Policy
  • POSH Work From Home Policy
  • Social media policy
  • Other related polices
  • HR documents
  • Annual reports

Compliance with POSH Law
  • constituting/reconstituting Internal complaints committee
  • Setting up of an agenda for quarterly ICC meetings
  • Conducting the ICC quarterly meetings
  • Preparing inquiry flow
  • Legal advice during inquiry
  • Inquiry Documentation
  • Support ICC functions
  • Updates on latest amendments and case laws
  • Updates on latest notifications and compliances

External Member for POSH
  • Preparing templates for communications required during inquiry (standard forms, templates , communications , agreements , undertakings)
  • Active participation in ICC Quarterly meetings
  • Conducting Inquiry with other IC members
  • Preparation of charge-sheet
  • Assistance in drafting final recommendations

Till date we have conducted over 100 POSH inquiries as an external member


We have represented the management or employees before the Appellate Authority under POSH Act viz. Univeristy Tribunals and Industrial Courts

We as POSH trainers have trained more than 10000 people and still counting. We have also conducted several training programs for chambers of commerce for its members such as

  • CII
  • Goa Chamber of Commerce

Training services include –
ICC Capacity building workshop

Designed keeping in mind the role and responsibilities of IC members. This training briefly includes –

  • Discussing Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 in detail
  • Understanding and discussing definitions of sexual harassment, workplace along with real case studies
  • Walkthrough – Inquiry procedure, Role play and case studies
  • Process of conciliation
  • Handling tricky situations and complex cases
  • Building sensitivity and neutral approach in decision making
  • Understanding evidences and how to examine witnesses
  • Discussion on malicious complaints
  • Discussion on principles of natural justice
  • How to frame a charge
  • How to pass interim orders
  • How to draft final inquiry report

This workshop helps to equip the ICC members with the right knowledge on the subject to prevent sexual harassment and also develop in them professional competence for implementation of the statute i.e. the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

This program will prepare HR and ICC to handle queries like: How should you handle anonymous complaints? What is the offender is not your employee? What do you do when there is no evidence for a complaint? Can you penalize a witness for not co-operating or not attending inquiry? How does the government track compliance? etc and build their capacity in order to execute their roles in the most responsible manner.

It also enables them to know the preventive measures, complaints handling process, ICC powers and redressal mechanism. All HR Heads, ICC Members, Fact Finders, HR, Legal Team, etc. should attend this program.

Training for Senior Management, HR Department, First Responders
  • What to do when a complaint reaches out to you?
  • Do’s and Don’ts while registering complaint
  • Understanding the Law in detail and nuances in it
  • Dealing with difficult situations like workplace harassment, ethical violations, defamation cases etc.
  • Discussion on malicious complaints
  • Discussion on principles of natural justice
  • Awareness regarding other laws relating to discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment
  • Employers duty towards safe workplaces

The effective implementation of the POSH law and policy is highly dependent on how the manager or the team leader reacts to a compliant or an issue that is raised his/ her team member and hence this training is crucial and necessary.

POSH Training to employees
  • Understanding Sexual harassment, workplace, who can file a complaint and how
  • ICC, its role and functions
  • Redressal mechanism in detail
  • Building gender sensitivity through discussions
  • Discussion on various case laws, examples