“Cyber Crimes – Technology Menace of the 21st Century

My father Mr. V.P Shintre, a leading law practitioner in Pune had alerted and advised me to prepare and brace myself for the future in law practice i.e Information and Communication Technology Law even before the Information Technology Act was enacted in the year 2000. My educational background in Computer Science,  industry experience as a software developer and field experience as a lawyer  provided me with enough motivation to pursue a specialised career path as a cyber lawyer . He was right , my world as a lawyer drastically changed after year 2000.

There was no looking back. Training programs conducted by me for Police Officers , Lawyers , Judges, Information Security Practitioners , Corporates, students and parents made me realise the tremendous need for spreading awareness on this subject.

While I continued conducting the training programs , the steady rise in the number of cyber crime cases being handled by me provided a new learning experience everytime on the scope and limitations of the IT Act, mindset of cyber criminals and the modus operandi , hurdles faced during investigation and the sufferance of victims.

While conducting these cases I kept thinking of writing about them so that a general audience could benefit from the learning but kept postponing it for one reason or the other. This book has materialised due to the persuasion of Dr Deepak Shikarpur and encouragement by my father Mr V.P Shintre, my mother Mrs Urmila Shintre and daughter Sanjana.

The book is available both in English and in Marathi and can be purchased from the nearest bookseller or online at Amazon.in

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