Safeguarding Children from Online Sexual Abuse

Safeguarding Children from Online Sexual Abuse The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) conducted a survey in 2014 in metropolitan cities (8-13 years) wherein 73% minors where found to be facebook users despite of the age-restriction of 13 years. McAfee Tweens, Teens & Technology Study (2014) was conducted across metro cities inContinue reading “Safeguarding Children from Online Sexual Abuse”

Data Protection Laws – Are they stifling innovation

“ Privacy and Innovation – Balancing the market towards better growth “ What a year it has been for Privacy in India ! The GDPR Compliance deadline in May 2018, followed by the very comprehensive Data Protection Bill in August, Privacy being declared as a separate Constitutional Fundamental Right and not just merely a part ofContinue reading “Data Protection Laws – Are they stifling innovation”

Copyright – Some simple answers

Copyright Law: – Some simple answers What do you mean by Copyright? Copyright in literary work is a bundle of rights available to the author of the original literary work. The author can re-produce the work in any form, issue copies, perform the work, make a film or a sound recording, make translation or anyContinue reading “Copyright – Some simple answers”

Net Neutrality and the Right of equal access

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI has released a consultation paper on over the top services (OTT )imposing regulatory framework on internet services . The writing on the wall is clear; if the recommendations are accepted , telecommunication companies may a. discriminate between different apps and services b. use subtler mechanisms such as throttlingContinue reading “Net Neutrality and the Right of equal access”

The Chilling Effect on freedom of speech and expression in Cyberspace

The Supreme courts strikes down S 66A of the Information Technology Act as unconstitutional as it has a total chilling effect of the Freedom of Speech and Expression of Netizens. A landmark judgment . S 66A was introduced in the Information Technology Act 2000 in the year 2008 that provided for  punishment for sending offensiveContinue reading “The Chilling Effect on freedom of speech and expression in Cyberspace”

The Role of Cultural Differences in the development of International Policy for Data Protection

International Policy for Data protection – A pipedream ? Political and cultural makeup of a society has affected evolution of domestic policies, human rights and legislation as societies weigh probability of the occurrence of an event against the possible outcomes based on currently available information, public mindset, change in perceptions and shift in cultural biases.Continue reading “The Role of Cultural Differences in the development of International Policy for Data Protection”

Challenges and Opportunities- Indian Cyber Policy

The National Cyber Security Policy of India (NCSP) was rolled out on 2nd July 2013 vide a notification from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) The policy has a Preamble, Vision statement, Mission, Objectives and Strategies. The Vision statement states the long term goal of building aContinue reading “Challenges and Opportunities- Indian Cyber Policy”