Innovative Leadership

About Dishaa

The aim of Dishaa is to expand, enrich and energise relations between India and the UK by investing in the next generation of leaders. By fostering discussion amongst a network of diverse leaders, the initiative will develop shared approaches to 21st Century political, economic and social challenges for emerging talent in both countries.

Common Purpose has developed the Dishaa initiative in partnership with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The 40 participants (20 from both India and the UK) will be high achievers from different backgrounds and a variety of sectors.

Participants will draw insights from across the two countries and from the diverse range of leaders and organisations involved. It will allow future leaders to work together to address complex challenges.

Each year Dishaa will identify a compelling challenge, common to both countries. The participants then gather – in India or the UK – to meet the challenge. They investigate the issues locally, develop their thinking, work up ideas – big and small – and present their findings.

“Dishaa is Hindi for direction. Dishaa enables future leaders to see how much can be gained through links between the UK and India as they set the direction for their lives and careers.”

Sudhakar Rao, Chair, Dishaa Advisory Group

I participated in Dishaa 3 which was held at the Infosys Campus in Mysore in October 2012.The challenge put before us was – 

“As economies are driven by technology and knowledge, how do we ensure appropriate skills development to bridge the gap between education and employment?”

Dishaa was a very intense and an enriching experience leading to a fair amount of self –realisation as we were pushed to re-asses our leadership attitudes. Being conscious of ones limitations as a leader and then to be able to systematically work on it,  was an immensely liberating experience.



DISHAA - India + UK, Innovative Leadership Program
DISHAA – India + UK, Innovative Leadership Program

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